Typical Malaysians

Hello earthlings!

I do not know what topic should i write, but because this topic has actually happened to me so i decided to write about it... Typical Malaysians? Huh? What it is? People commonly call it as "typical malays". What does it means? It basically means the normal attitude of Malaysian people that you may find practically almost anywhere in Malaysia. You may deny it with all your might, but the fact is still remains as such among them.

I will give you one example of a scene in any fast food outlets. MCD? KFC? and many more where people would have to line up to get their orders. There's always a person who talks so loudly like the world is their's but when it comes to their turn of ordering food, they would stutter and make others wait for them to choose whatever they want.You know how annoying could that be? Especially when you are so hungry and angry at the same time and the waiter takes forever to process your orders. Those people are just like cherry on top of your dessert. and yes I was trying to be sarcastic. I did not mean it to everyone. I mean there are only several of people that actually have the habit to annoy others. Selfish people like them never think of other people's feeling but themselves and how do you expect other people to help you later on? Try as you  might to deny it. You might see some of these people in real life.

The next one is as what they refer to as "Janji Melayu" or "malays' promises" when you translate it to english. Why Malay you may asked? Why not to other races such as Chinese? Indians? Koreans? That is because it only happens to Malay. What are the common things among Malays? Time. Punctuality is never precise. Example, when they promised you at 9 in the morning, they might come at 9.10, or 9.30 or even worse, 9 to them actually means 9 from where ever they are. It worsen day by day. Dear readers, please please show some good attitude and be punctual. At some point, people will get bored of you if they have to wait for you all the time. Do you like waiting? I know you do not like waiting, so why do it to others

Think about it. Deny it all you want but deep inside, you know it's true. I'm not just referring to you, but to myself as well.