Bamboo as structural elements?

Why not we used Bamboo as structure elements? It has many benefits for buildings.

1. Good quality.
2. Less construction costs.
3. Aesthetic value.
4. Durability.
5. Strength stability.

This is based on my opinions. Maybe you can list more than that. I strongly agreed "Bamboo as structural elements" because I like buildings where it built from bamboo and wood. It may looks like natural design. 

As you can see the information: " Bamboo holds a number of benefits over other construction materials – it grows extremely quickly, reaching maturity three times faster than hard woods, and is renowned for a strength that is comparable to steel "

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One of an architecture that uses bamboo as a construction material is Kengo Kuma. Kengo Kuma was born in 1954, and set up his own agency in Tokyo in 1990 (Kengo Kuma & Associates). Today, he has some 50 buildings to his credit in Japan (houses, housing units, museums, shops, etc). For his so-called “weak“ buildings, Kuma uses vernacular materials, earth, wood, bamboo, and stone, but above all conceives of them as innovative constructive assemblies.

Example bamboo wall (Kengo Kuma, ROEWU architecture, Shigeru Ban):