Happy birthday

20th of January is someone's birthday. Guess who? who?
Yes! Hakim's birthday. Let's this blog speaks for me. hik.

His name is Muhammad Hakim

okay before I forgot everything, let me just write it down and share it to you guys. *sunday* is a sweet memorable day for us, and of course! our very own talented and handsome team mate's birthday, Hakim. A bunch of his friends and my room mate (she's gorgeous as hell I tell you) was involved too. shall we start the story of Hakim's birthday? shall we? we shall.....

Let me start on 18th January 2013 (friday), I've made plan with Syifa (the gorgeous room mate of mine) to go to AEON Manjung to buy his birthday present. I know what he likes the most. Robots? Hakim, what? A 20 y/o like you still longing for robots for your birthday? this is...still cute...okay moving on..yeah never mind...

On 19th January 2013 (saturday), I promised my self to not speak nor contact him until the day of his birthday. I went to Tesco and accidently bump into Daniel and his friends and we talked about Hakim's birthday. Daniel changed the plans to make things more..interesting.. i obliged and admit that men's brain are more creative than women's.. in making evil plans that is...others are still in observation...

20th January 2013, 00.00 (sunday), I didn't wish him "happy birthday" like I planned before. all of sudden he called me

Hakim: It's my birthday.
Me: Oh happy birthday.

Ouch, ouch! that hurts, wasn't it hakim? I am sorry but I have to do this to surprise you. .hik..

Dewan Makan Indera Mulia (9.00 pm). all of us met to polish our evil plans together. Wan told me go with the flow but the question was, can i do it?


Daniel, Syifa, Zamir, Daus, Boss, Anoi and the rest take their places. the plans starts when i and this anonymous guy (Daniel's friend) coincidently bumped into Syifa,  who was talking with Hakim about my being just somewhere beside Dahlia. I acted like nothing happened and happily walk, talk and laugh with Mamat (anonymous guy). Syifa called and talked to me about going back to our dorm together while on the other hand, Hakim, was boiling inside out after he saw my carefree-ness around him. At that time, Daniel and his friends came down from Dahlia with a packet of flour, eggs and some curry spices in their hands and start to pour/throw it generously onto Hakim who was by that time more than shocked and scared. I, Fakhriah Fatin, prepared a cake and asked him to blow the candles in front of them all after we sang the birthday song together.

It's like a surprise birthday party but with more thrill. hik. Everything went smoothly and on plan. It's a happy ending and I will forever cherish it :)

The End.